The Company

Our story

Founded in 2002, Patchii Decorações was born with the mission of coloring and amusing festive environments, making them exclusive and pleasant. Today we are very pleased to provide customers with the possibility of turning dream and fantasy into reality.

Since the beginning of our activities, we seek to offer our customers a quality standard, together with practicality and innovation, combining the necessary flexibility to provide the best in the market.
We had a modest start, serving only local businesses, but after a lot of effort, dedication and responsibility we experienced an expansion, thus having the opportunity to present our products to the entire national territory.

Such growth was attributed to the methodology applied to the company, a methodology that is based on: prioritizing its Employees, giving emphasis to the Social and Environmental.

One of our socioenvironmental concerns is the waste generated by our activity: we carefully separate, pack, and forward 100% of our waste to a company responsible for recycling.

When we are asked about our growth strategy, we can say with great propriety that we are always looking for the best. Therefore, striving for excellence in quality, always innovating and loving what we do, has been the main item of our success.

Our mission

Contribute so that moments of joy are more reliable, safe and more remarkable together with good practices so as not to harm the environment and the use of materials, avoiding waste and contributing to a better world thus making a difference in the midst of a market often a slave to quantity and not allied with quality.

Our vision

To be a world reference in solutions for the demanding public, consumer of packaging with differentiated quality, who knows that the presentation of your product is one of the most important steps for success, whether in an event, or in an exhibition.

Our values

Quality, Honesty and Transparency. It was with these values that we achieved these 13 years on the road, transforming the party market into something less automatic, with more refinement and quality.